About me

Dominik Steinhauf

Senior .Net Developer, author of a number of frameworks and .Net blogs, .Net consultant, I also train mediocre software developers to become great software developers.

Born in Warsaw, Poland. Lives in Warsaw.

Developer since the age of 14.
First commercial app at the age of 18.
20 years of experience working in and with corporations.
10 years of experience in .Net framework
Mostly on: C#, backend, Windows services, ASP.NET, Web Api , WCF, REST, clouds (Azure, Amazon), WinForms, SQL, recently .Net Core, WPF/UWP and Xamarin

Software Developer .Net B2B contractor (primary / subcontractor), trainer, consultant.

The author of software applications that revolutionized the way corporations in Poland used network printers and send faxes over network in 2000’s. This is were my career exploded so to speak, working with great IT companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, EDS, Microsoft and more. Tech blog author. Author of several frameworks and libraries designed to speed up production of quality code.


  • 90% of top Polish corporations use my software 24/7/365.
  • 12 running SLA contracts with multinational corporations.
  • 10 000 000 documents processed by my software within recent 5 years.
  • When there is no proper framework for the job: I create it

If you need custom quality software, contact me at :
dominik.steinhauf ( at ) creativeyellow.pl